Registered Specifications Writer

RSW Application Form

In today's complex, changing construction industry, a competent specifier is a vital part of the design team. The RSW designation was developed to attest the combination of knowledge, experience and judgement related to construction procurement and to lend credibility to RSWs participation in a multi-billion-dollar industry. Becoming an RSW will show commitment to producing accurate documentation, thereby enhancing your professional credibility through increased confidence of your peers, employers and clients.  An RSW must also adhere to a Code of Conduct.

The RSW program is available to those who prepare or supervise the preparation of construction specifications. CSC offers educational programs that integrate with and complement the RSW program.

An RSW is a contract documentation specialist with a broad knowledge base and strategic insight to strengthen a Design Team and enhance performance throughout an organization. An RSW is a professional who can help keep a practice more competitive, profitable, efficient and even reduce its liability. Consultants can feel confident when engaging the services of an RSW, because an RSW has proven competence through a recognized registration program.

The RSW designation is an important recognition of achievement. Attaining the RSW designation provides the specifier with:

  • Greater understanding of construction specifications;
  • The ability to improve the quality of specifications;
  • Greater efficiency and proficiency in documentation preparation;
  • A recognition of commitment to recognized standards of quality documentation;
  • Recognition by peers, the construction industry, and employers;
  • Confidence of clients.

The following is a partial list of priority objectives that RSWs are expected to achieve: Pursue Professional Development; Apply Communication Technologies; Evaluate Risk Management Issues; Apply Laws, Codes and Standards; Apply Building Technologies; Apply Forms of Contract; Apply Design and Construction Process and Produce Construction Documents.