Our History

Following the growth of the Association, in 1967, the association established the College of Fellows to formally recognize outstanding contribution by members towards the improvement of the design + construction community, and the enhancement of the association. Fellowship is an honour conferred on members singled out for their dedication, service and long-standing contribution towards the betterment of the design + construction community. 

In its inauguration year, A.L. Boddy, R.W. Cornwall, D.G. Helmer and I.H. Lavender were elected to the College of Fellows. Since then, more than 100 individuals have been inducted into the College of Fellows.

The investiture of Fellows, also known as the induction ceremony, is normally held at the annual Conference.

 The Officers of the College of Fellows has developed an information form to collect information from each Fellow.  The College is looking to collect information such as CSC national highlights and key experiences from all members of the College of Fellows.  

CSC College of Fellows are asked to complete the form and submit it to the CSC office.  
College of Fellow Information Form

The CSC College of Fellows Spring Newsletter is now available.  Spring 2022