• Full Year (application is made between January and March) - $285.00
  • Full Year (application is made between October and December) - $285.00*
  • Part Year (application is made between April and June) - $213.75*
  • Part Year (application is made between July and September) - $142.50*
*Discounts are for new members only. A new member is an individual who has not been a member of CSC within the past 5 calendar years.

Associate Membership – 50% of Fees stated above.
An individual with less than 2 years experience in any of the fields that would qualify for membership into CSC, who is not, or was not previously a member of CSC. Documentation of eligibility will be required.

Student Membership - $65.00
A student is an individual undergoing fulltime training in a school of architecture, engineering or technology for the period of training. Documentation of fulltime enrollment will be required.

Above fees exclude applicable taxes.

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