Nominations for Vice President Now Open!

Are you ready to lead CSC? If so, get your name on the Vice Presidential Election Ballot!
December 23, 2020 | By Administrator

The Constitution and Directives of our Association require that a Call for Nominations be made each year in order to identify one or more CSC members willing to serve as Director at Large on the Board of Directors of the Corporation of Construction Specifications Canada serving in the office of Vice-President.

Accordingly, members are invited to nominate one or more members of outstanding ability to provide leadership as a Vice-President to CSC. 

The nominee must be willing to accept the responsibility of the office of President and should have served as an elected Chapter Officer, and as a Chapter Director on the CSC Board of Directors for at least one term within the last three years. The required one year terms of office for Chapter Director and Chapter Officer cannot be served concurrently. Following the receipt and confirmation of nominations, an election will be held should there be more than one qualified nomination received.

Candidates for election to the post of CSC Vice-President serving as Director at Large on the Board cannot be (a) a principal of, or hold a position of officer in a private sector organization; (b) hold a position in a public sector organization; or (c) hold a position with any organization that is in competition with CSC; and have final decision making and/or signing authority directly related to agreements with CSC, such as Memoranda of Understanding, contracts and alliances.

Completed nomination forms must be received by the CSC office no later than February 22, 2021.